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Neck Strain

What is a Neck Strain?

A Neck Strain occurs when these become pulled, stressed, overworked – leading to inflammation and pain. It signifies a muscle/ligament strain, and in some cases, the muscle may spasm and cause intense pain and immobility for patients.

The spine is supported with muscled, tendons and ligaments. This supporting tissue can become injured or strained during sporting activities, or caused by twisting/lifting, aggravated by poor posture, and long periods while working at a desk.

Diagnosis includes medical examination, x-ray, ultrasound and/or MRI/CT.

A Neck Strain usually resolves after days/weeks with anti-inflammatory medication.

Conservative treatment includes physiotherapy, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxation medication. Spinal injection(s) to control pain for other conditions such as arthritis e.g. nerve block, epidural, facet joint injections. Recovery period can range between 4-6 weeks.

Surgery is only necessary if the back/neck pain/strain is related to Spondylosis or Fracture of the Spine.

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