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Back Muscle Strain

What is a back muscle strain?

The spine is supported with muscled, tendons and ligaments. This supporting tissue can be injured or strained during sporting activities or caused by twisting/lifting and aggravated by poor posture and long periods working sitting at our desks. Back pain usually resolves after days/weeks with anti-inflammatory medication and only a small percentage of patients will need support from our spinal specialists. Back pain can signify a muscle/ligament strain and in some cases the muscle may spasm and cause intense pain and immobility for patients. 

How is a back muscle strain diagnosed?

In order to diagnose a back muscle strain, your consultant will hold a medical examination, and request a scan such as an x-ray, ultrasound or MRI/CT.

What are the treatment options?

Non-surgical treatment options

Conservative treatment includes physiotherapy, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxation medication. Spinal injection(s) to control pain for other conditions such as arthritis e.g. nerve block, epidural, facet joint injections. Recovery period can range between 4-6 weeks.

Surgical treatment options

Surgery is only necessary if the back/neck pain/strain is related to Spondylosis or Fracture of the Spine.

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