Total Orthopaedics Consultant Awarded New Post at The Royal Free Hospital

Mr Simon Mellor of Total Orthopaedics has recently been appointed as the clinical lead for the Hip and Knee Unit of The Royal Free Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Simon has worked as a consultant surgeon within the unit since 2004 and he has seen a rapid expansion of the unit as it has merged with Chase Farm Hospital Orthopaedic Department and The Royal Free Hospital Orthopaedic Unit.

The Royal Free Hip and Knee Unit consists of ten dedicated hip and knee surgeons and Mr Mellor will be responsible for managing the introduction of exciting new techniques and procedures and he will be helping to mentor new consultant hip and knee surgeons as they join the Royal Free Hospital Orthopaedic department.

The Unit includes two of Simon’s Total Orthopaedics colleagues – Mr Harold Nwaboku and Mr Joyti Saksena, who all work together as part of a multidisciplinary team. All of the Total Orthopaedics surgeons within the unit also provide new ‘biologic’ treatment options called Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP), which has been shown to help early arthritis patients without having to resort to hip or knee replacement surgery.

At the Unit and within his private practice, Mr Mellor has been performing hip replacement surgery using a minimally invasive technique referred to as anterior hip replacement. This technique is beneficial as no muscles or tendons are cut during the procedure, aiding postoperative recovery with less pain and quicker discharge home. There may also be a reduced risk of postoperative dislocation, as no muscles or tendons are cut or damaged.

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