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The 3T (Tesla) MRI Explained

The new Total Orthopaedics clinic at Medical Imaging London has a 3T MRI onsite, which comes with a number of benefits for patients, doctors and radiologists alike.

What is a 3T MRI?

A 3T (Telsa) MRI is twice as strong as a standard 1.5T MRI. It operates at a strength of 3T; Tesla (T) is the unit of measurement indicating the strength of a magnetic field. A stronger magnetic field provides more detailed images, helping doctors and radiologists see more structures inside the body.

Specifically for orthopaedics, the 3T MRI provides more in depth images of ligaments, tendons and cartilage which allows doctors to assess the stability of joints. In some cases, it can even show bleeding involved in fractures. It can also be useful in picking up certain orthopaedic conditions earlier, including osteoarthritis and chondromalacia (cartilage softening).

Why get a 3T MRI?

There are several key benefits of the 3T MRI vs the standard 1.5T MRI, including:

  • the ability to scan in tiny, thin slices to help diagnose difficult or complex conditions
  • it produces a higher quality image in nearly half the time
  • the ability to detect smaller abnormalities or fractures of joints
  • it is more comfortable for the patient, with more room to lay down
  • there is a lower risk of distorted images or need for repeated scans

Better Image Quality and Rapid Diagnosis

A patient of Mr Joyti Saksena had a 3T MRI scan at Medical Imaging London with excellent results. The image below highlights the area that was visible thanks to the higher quality image produced by the 3T MRI scanner. This detailed image allowed Mr Saksena to rapidly diagnose the condition for this patient – and get them on a pathway for treatment sooner.

Sample images from a 3T (Tesla) MRI scan of the knee

Arranging a 3T MRI Scan

There is no wait list for a 3T MRI scan at our clinic at Medical Imaging London, with scans often available at short notice or on the same-day. Medical Imaging London is COVID-secure and has measures in place to ensure patient and clinician safety.

Medical Imaging London and Total Orthopaedics work with all major UK insurers. For self-funding patients, 3T MRI scans start from £350. Please contact us for a quote.

Dr Imran Anwar

Dr Anwar is a specialist consultant musculoskeletal radiologist working at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust. Dr Anwar is a key member of the Total Orthopaedics team, working closely with the surgeons to ensure the patient receives the right imaging and the best possible treatment. He also performs diagnostic ultrasound scans and a wide range of therapeutic interventions including ultrasound and CT guided injections to treat a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions.

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