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The Jewish Chronicle features Mr Bob Chatterjee

Total Orthopaedics has been featured in an article for the Jewish Chronicle. Published on the 27th of October, the article focused on a case study by our consultant surgeon Mr Bob Chatterjee and the revolutionary new operation to alleviate long-term back pain.

Full article:

Melissa Ingalls, 47, from north London has become the first patient in the UK to have a revolutionary implant through surgery, to alleviate long-term back pain. Bon Chatterjee, consultant spinal surgeon and part of a new group called Total Orthopaedics, operated on Insgalls at Highdate Private Hospital, using the TOPS (Total Posterior Spine) system.

The keyhole version of TOPS was developed by Premia Spine, in Isreal, with the help of Chatterjee. The surgery stabalises the spine segment by instroducing a flexible cage. This can maintain motion in the spine – something a traditional lumbar fusion , which uses rods and screws to fix vertebrae togetherm could not. The procedure takes an hour less than fusion surgery and patients make a full recovery in six to 12 weeks, compared to eight to 16 weeks with the standard operation.

Mr Bob Chatterjee

Mr Chatterjee is a Consultant Spinal Surgeon who practises at The Harley Street London Clinic and the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth in North London. As the Director of Harley Street Spine and a founder member of Total Orthopaedics, he is known globally as a specialist who takes a holistic approach, ensuring his patients are not only aware of their back health but understand all of their treatment options.

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