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Together with the team at myrecovery.ai, Total Orthopaedics has created a complimentary customised app to help you get ready for surgery and make the most of your recovery.

Customised for you

Your version of the app will be customised specifically for you, by your surgeon.

This app will provide you with video messages from your consultant, highlighting key points during your patient journey.

To aid in your recovery process, it will provide you with:

  • interactive exercise plans
  • demonstration videos
  • progress graphs
  • useful articles chosen by your clinical team

and more…

Feedback and progress updates

The app also allows your feedback and progress to be shared with your consultant, so they are kept in the loop on your progress.  Plus, you can even record and add your very own exercise videos with your therapist.

How to register

Please note that only surgical patients will have access to the app.

To register for the myrecovery app with your Total Orthopaedics specialist, please select their name and scan their QR code on your mobile phone.

Mr Rajiv Bajekal

For more information on myrecovery, visit their website.

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