myrecovery and Total Orthopaedics

Together with the team at, Total Orthopaedics has created a complimentary customised app to help you get ready for surgery and make the most of your recovery.

Your version of the app will be customised specifically for you, by your surgeon. This innovative companion to your care will provide you with video messages from your consultant, highlighting key points during your patient journey. To aid in your recovery process, it will provide you with interactive exercise plans and demonstration videos alongside progress graphs and useful articles chosen by your clinical team.

The app also allows your feedback and progress to be shared with your consultant, so they are kept in the loop on your progress.  Plus, you can even record and add your very own exercise videos with your therapist.

Please note that only surgical patients will have access to the app. You will be able to get details of how to register for your surgeon’s app from their private secretary.

For more information on myrecovery, visit their website.

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Some consider eradication of infection in orthopaedic surgery as the next frontier for our profession. Studies like these help us push forwards. 👏 to the authors.

Very high quality paper showing that surgery isn’t the answer.