Total Orthopaedics’ specialists and are covered by all major UK insurers.

Coverage of outpatient appointments and treatment differs between insurers and policies. Therefore, we advise that you contact your insurance company for pre-authorisation and to discuss the terms of your policy. Your insurer will direct you about the cover for treatment which may include seeking a GP referral, how to make a claim and whether you have excess to pay towards treatment.

Please bring your insurance company details and pre-authorisation number to your appointment.

Making an appointment

Are you medically insured, self-funding or an international patient? Are you referring a patient to us?

Please contact us. Our team will ensure you see the consultant that is best suited to your symptoms/condition in a timeslot and location that is appropriate for you. We will need to take your personal details to book the appointment and understand whether you are an insured, self-pay or an international patient.

Total Orthopaedics is based at various locations. Disabled access is available throughout the hospitals.

If you are self-funding, click here to view our pricing.


Refer a patient to us

  • Does your patient need orthopaedic assessment?
  • Does your patient have a fracture/sports injury?

We welcome direct referrals and contact from GP’s, physiotherapist’s, Osteopath’s and consultants. Referrals can be made by:

  • Send your referral letter addressed to the required specialist to Total Orthopaedics, Highgate Private Hospital, 17-19 View Road, London, N6 4DJ.
  • Book your patient directly with our team; T: 020 3051 1111, E:
  • Inform your patient to book directly with us. Book appointment.
  • Contact one of our specialists directly, if you know their details.

We enjoy building relationships with our referrers and visiting clinics or vice versa. If you would like more information on bespoke educational talks please don’t hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, please see our programme on CPD events.

Contact us

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Following Roger Federer's announcement he had another knee surgery, there's been speculation about the future of his career. Our #orthopaedic consultant Mr Simon Mellor shares his thoughts:

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