Total Orthopaedics take a holistic approach to your treatment and recovery.

All of our consultants work with a range of healthcare professionals to support you every step of the way. Should you seek treatment with a Total Orthopaedics specialist, you may need to undertake physiotherapy before or after surgery to aid your recovery. Depending on your condition, physiotherapy may be the definitive treatment instead of surgery.

We have built strong working relationships with a number of local healthcare providers to make your treatment pathway as seamless as possible. Our consultants work out of 9 convenient hospital locations across London and Middlesex, and they work with a number of physiotherapy partners.  We also offer the myrecovery app to our surgical patients which provides key information directly from your surgeon, and tracks and monitors your progress post surgery.

All of our partners work with major insurance providers and offer self-pay packages for those who are self-funding treatment.  Find out more about who we work with:

Body Balance Physio

BODYBALANCE Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinics offer physiotherapy, massage, and clinical Pilates in 3 locations across London and Hertfordshire. Our team of highly skilled and experienced clinicians are specialists in sports injuries and understand your needs. We have the knowledge to help you manage your injury, reduce your pain and help you return you to your optimal level of activity.

Boost Physio

BOOST PHYSIO has a unique approach involving “Hands On” treatments and tailored exercises programmes. We focus on finding and treating the source of your problem and helping achieve your specific goals. BOOST PHYSIO has 5 High Street clinics in London and a friendly team of 11 physios. 

Complete Physio

At Complete Physio, we are vastly experienced to treat a very broad range of conditions. Dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, we will work closely with you through the entire rehabilitation process to ensure they are met, whatever your challenge may be.

R&D Physio

“We are a growth mindset team, striving to inspire change and empower people to push the limits of their potential.” 

At R&D Physio we are extremely passionate about improving your health and getting you to perform at your very best, whether it be competing in high levels of sport or to be able to be more active with your kids on the weekend. We guarantee to provide you with a thorough assessment and effective treatments backed by the latest research and proven results.

Six Physio

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Very informative study. So much variation in treatment exists in this space!

We’re so pleased at the reception of our new clinic in Queen Anne Street. It’s all about a holistic approach to health. In fact, Mr @Joysaks recently wrote a piece for Health & Wellbeing magazine with some general tips to relieve aches and pains. #holisticcare #wellbeing