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Managing orthopaedic conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic

Find out what options there are for patients seeking non-urgent treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Private Hospitals are Re-opening

Total Orthopaedics would like to assure our current, past and potential patients that everyone involved in the organisation takes the developing situation very seriously.

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Knee Surgery Doesn’t Have to be Career Ending

Roger Federer has undergone knee arthroscopic surgery and withdrawn from a number of tournaments including the French Open.

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Mr Bob Chatterjee to present at flagship Spinal Symposium

Mr Bob Chatterjee, Consultant Spinal Surgeon at Total Orthopaedics, will be presenting at the Spinal Symposium on 29 February at The Royal Society of Medicine.

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Another cause of hip and knee pain – what you need to know about Bone Marrow Oedema

Bone Marrow Oedema is the result of a build-up of fluid inside the bone and can be due to injury or arthritis.

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Mr Simon Mellor featured in national newspaper for muscle-sparing hip replacement technique

For years, Mr Simon Mellor has been performing a hip replacement technique known medically as the Anterior Approach.

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Steps you can take now to prepare for your skiing holiday

If you are planning a skiing holiday this winter, you may be looking at ways to prepare for the slopes.

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The Trouble with Shoulder Pain…

Shoulder pain can be a real pain! This is true if you suffer from it or are trying to fathom what’s causing it. Sometimes what seems obvious is not the real root cause of the pain.

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Mr Rajiv Bajekal receives Trainer of the Year award

We are delighted to announce that Mr Rajiv Bajekal has been named Trainer of the Year from the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH).

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Mr Dimitrios Tsekes is appointed new position to lead research and training

Mr Tsekes has been appointed as the Unit Training Director and Research Lead at his NHS Foundation Trust.

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Some consider eradication of infection in orthopaedic surgery as the next frontier for our profession. Studies like these help us push forwards. 👏 to the authors.

Very high quality paper showing that surgery isn’t the answer.