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Mr Dimitrios Tsekes is appointed new position to lead research and training

Mr Dimitrios Tsekes has been appointed as the Unit Training Director (UTD) and Research Lead at Basildon University Hospital, part of the Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust for the Trauma and Orthopaedics. This role will cover two large departments at the hospital – Musculoskeletal (MSK) and Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT).

After applying and completing an interview process, Mr Tsekes was appointed to the role on the 1st of August 2019 and will have the position for three years. In order to be eligible to apply for the position, Dimitrios undertook additional training in teaching and assessment in the clinical environment, plus educational and clinical supervisor training.

During his role, Mr Tsekes will be responsible for managing and structuring the training for postgraduate doctors. This includes key areas such as their Foundation training, Core Surgical training and Specialist Orthopaedic Training. He will also attend Foundation Training and Deanery meetings to collect feedback and improve the training doctors receive at the hospital.

Another fundamental aspect of this role is to take the lead on promoting research within the department. This includes setting up regional projects and participating in trials with multiple healthcare centres and developing studies to expand knowledge in the department. These key functions will provide insights to elevate the quality of care for patients.

Mr Tsekes’s approach to patient care reflects Total Orthopaedics’ ethos. He was selected as a candidate for the Trainer of the Year Award in 2018 for his passion in teaching and training Orthopaedics from The Royal London Hospital Orthopaedic and Trauma Society rotation. As part of his holistic and multidisciplinary approach, he works closely with his Total Orthopaedics’ colleagues and other health professionals to provide the best care to his patients.

Mr Dimitrios Tsekes

Mr Tsekes provides a full comprehensive Shoulder and Elbow service for common conditions, degenerative diseases and sports injuries in London and Essex. His approach to patient care is holistic and multidisciplinary, working closely with Orthopaedic consultants and other skilled health professionals to provide a caring and evidence-based treatment for his patients.

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