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Frozen Shoulder – Your Questions Answered

Our informative webinar on 15 February

Frozen Shoulder is a common and often painful condition. It can not only be frustrating to live with, but it can also be a difficult condition for healthcare professionals to manage.

Mr Rupen Dattani, Consultant Shoulder Surgeon at Total Orthopaedics, and shoulder Physiotherapists Mr Jaissal Patel & Mr Rushabh Savla from R&D Physio, held an interactive webinar.

They discussed myths & common questions about Frozen Shoulder, such as:

  • What happens when you have Frozen Shoulder?
  • Will I need surgery?
  • What are the treatment options? Are joint injections effective?
  • What else can I do apart from waiting?
  • Can Physiotherapy help?

About our Experts

Mr Rupen Dattani, Shoulder & Elbow Surgeon at Total Orthopaedics
Mr Rushabh Savla, Lead Physiotherapist at R&D Physio

Watch the webinar

Click here to watch the full webinar.

Mr Rupen Dattani

Mr Rupen Dattani is a highly specialised Orthopaedic Consultant, specialising in the shoulder and elbow. He has extensive experience with keyhole (arthroscopic) surgery and joint replacement (arthroscopic) surgery, as well as surgical repair for fractures of the shoulder and elbow joints. Mr Dattani was appointed as a Consultant Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Chelsea & Westminster NHS Foundation Trust in 2013.

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