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Former Librarian has Extraordinary Results After Bi-lateral Hip Surgery

For over two years, former Librarian Ms Giles noticed that walking was becoming more and more difficult. Then just about a year ago, she attended a Christmas concert where she had to walk up several sets of stairs. At this moment, she knew she should not be struggling this much and felt it could be a more serious problem.

Due to many reasons however, she did not seek treatment at that point. At 78 years young, she was still very independent and did regular shopping trips on her own. Then over the next few months her friends noticed she was limping while walking down the street and mentioned she should see someone about it. Knowing she should seek advice, Ms Giles kept carrying on until the pain was just unbearable.

In July 2020, she decided to take action and called her insurance company about seeing an Orthopaedic Consultant. They made a few recommendations, and she decided to go with Mr Simon Mellor to be seen at a local private hospital just down the road.

She attended a consultation with Mr Mellor who spotted the tell-tale signs of hip arthritis. To confirm this diagnosis, he requested an x-ray imaging scan. Following the results of the x-ray, Mr Mellor recommended a bilateral hip replacement due to the severity of her condition.

He advised that she should have both hip surgeries on the same day, to make her recovery more straightforward. Mr Mellor explained that he would use minimally invasive muscle-sparing techniques which can reduce postoperative pain, and allow for a fast recovery while minimising blood loss. It can also reduce the risk of hip dislocation after surgery. By using X-rays during the operation, Mr Mellor was able to ensure accuracy when implanting the new hips. 

Mrs Giles walking at her initial consultation with Mr Mellor

Within just a few days, Ms Giles was booked in for surgery at Highgate Private Hospital. Following her procedure, she was up and walking the next day. Upon being discharged from hospital, she was mobile and walking unassisted. Following several physiotherapy sessions to aid her recovery, she was back to her normal daily activities within 6 weeks.

Mrs Giles remarkable results 6-weeks after surgery

About her experience with Mr Mellor, Ms Giles said:

I would recommend Mr Mellor to anyone, straight away. You just cannot be nervous with him as he puts you right at ease. I couldn’t have made a better decision; only wish I had done it sooner! I’m very happy now, back to my normal activities and I have my independence back.’

Mr Simon Mellor

Mr Simon Mellor is the Lead for the Hip and Knee Unit at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust and he has worked in Trauma and Orthopaedic surgery since 1996. He is one of the UK’s most prominent Anterior Approach Hip Replacement Surgeons, having utilised this muscle-sparing technique for hip replacements since 2012.

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