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Can Phone or Video Consultations Replace In-Person?

Mr Dimtrios Tsekes shares his findings

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare has had to adjust to new ways of working, one of which has been how to consult with patients. Before the pandemic, in-person consultations were the standard with phone or video consultations only taking place when absolutely necessary. However, since COVID-19 many practices have been turning that on its head. It has left many asking if we will go back to old ways after the pandemic is over?

Mr Dimitrios Tsekes, Shoulder & Elbow Surgeon at Total Orthopaedics, recently published a paper that includes findings on how both patients and clinicians have found positive results from this new way of consulting. Telephone appointments can be done from the comfort of your own home, avoiding any inconveniences and costs associated with a journey to a physical appointment. It can also shorten the length of the entire process as wait times are generally shorter. 93% of patients were satisfied ovreall with telephone consultations

79% of patients have felt that they would continue with this method of consultation even after the pandemic has subsided.

In order to provide safety and reassurance for patients, we offer telephone and video appointments where you can directly speak to one of our orthopaedic specialists. This reduces additional footfall in hospitals, which is an important factor in reducing the spread of the virus. Making a phone call from home also helps to keep you safe, by avoiding unnecessary travel. Telephone and video consultations are also covered by most UK insurers.

Although an in-person appointment can be made if necessary, clinicians feel that patients are provided with an effective and thorough discussion of their concerns over the phone.

72% of clinicians reported overall satisfaction with this service and 80% agreed that this method of communication should continue to be used, and felt it has paved the way for remote consultations – even after the pandemic.

Mr Dimitrios Tsekes

Mr Tsekes provides a full comprehensive Shoulder and Elbow service for common conditions, degenerative diseases and sports injuries in London and Essex. His approach to patient care is holistic and multidisciplinary, working closely with Orthopaedic consultants and other skilled health professionals to provide a caring and evidence-based treatment for his patients.

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